Simply The Best Music To Fall Asleep Quickly

Special songs composed to let you relax and fall asleep quickly

Adult Sleep Music

3 Phase Sleep music that supports the sensitive process to relax and fall asleep. The composition runs through 3 phases. In each phase the music gets slower, less complex and quieter. This ensures the perfect alignment between the music and the changing state of your body and mind.

Baby Sleep Music

Lullabies specifically written to help babys and toddlers to relax and fall asleep quickly and naturally. With added gentle heartbeat and blood circulation sounds to simulate the background ambience inside the mother’s womb. The perfect litte helpers for the everyday struggle. 

Power Nap Music

A 12 min long song to time your next power nap perfectly. It starts with relaxing chill out music to calm you down, and let you fall asleep quickly. After 3 minutes, the song gradually transitions into quiet ambient music. After about 9 minutes, the music picks up intensity to wake you up, ending in a powerful, feel good song with a motivational message so you can get back to work recharged and energized.   

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