The Most Effective Sleep Music For Babys & Adults

Our unique 3-Phase Technology assures the perfect alignment between the intensity of the music and your state of mind

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You can hardly believe it but it really makes my 8 month old son fall asleep, especially when he is so tired that he does not want to sleep! Wouldn’t want to miss this music anymore, it’s a shame I didn’t discover it earlier.
The big disadvantage of this music is that I often fall asleep myself 🙂 [translated from German]​ (more)


We play the music whenever our child is already very tired but can’t fall asleep. Who would have thought, the music works wonders. The titles are perfectly coordinated and shortly after the calming phase the little one is doomed away. Even if the music can only be seen as a “help”, I don’t want to miss it anymore. Therefore, highly recommended!! (more)


Very pleasant and really soothing. We love it. My 6 week old daughter listens especially to the first title and becomes very calm. It can also be used for a baby massage [translated from German] (more)

3-Phase Technology

Conventional sleep music is static. Our 3-Phase Sleep Music is dynamic. The composition runs through three phases to optimally align with the sensible process of falling asleep.

Phase 1

Phase I starts with the introduction of a dreamy melody. Your attention will be drawn to the music, away from your daily concerns so you can relax and wind down. The tempo is adjusted to the average heartbeat. After about 8 minutes the melody simplifies and the tempo slows down.

Phase 2

In Phase II, the tempo slows down and the melody simplifies to align with the more relaxed state of your mind. Your brain will know which note to expect next. This constant fulfilment of your musical expectations relieves stress and accelerates the process of falling asleep.

Phase 3

In Phase III, nothing should draw back your attention. All musical elements are reduced to a minimum. A soft atmosphere is slowly pulsating to the beat of your heart. In this phase, the entire composition fades out very slowly and you can sleep peacefully.

Our Baby Sleep Series

Especially designed lullabies for babys and toddlers. Add-mixed heart beat and blood circulation sounds make your baby feel safe and "at home".

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Our Adult Sleep Series

Not only Babys have problems falling asleep - adults do, too. Our Adult Sleep Series helps you to calm down, forget your daily concerns, doze off and fall asleep naturally and quickly.

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Our Power Nap Series

Relax, nap and wake up rejuvenated. This composition is specifically designed to time the perfect 12 minutes power nap. It puts you to sleep and wakes you up with an unexpected twist.

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